PromeAI for Commercial Use: You can use the images you create using PromeAI for personal, commercial, and non-profit use.

Which images can obtain commercial licensing?

The Standard, Pro and Team versions provide comprehensive commercial licensing, allowing you to digitally distribute and reproduce the works on the internet, personal websites, or social media. They also permit offline reproduction and sales. The Free and Base versions are for personal use only and do not include commercial licensing.

In which fields can commercial licensing be used?

Architecture industry: You can use our works for promotion, display, and marketing activities related to architectural projects.

Design industry: You can incorporate our works into design projects such as interior design, product design, etc.

Advertising and marketing: You can utilize our works for advertising campaigns, brand promotion, and marketing activities.

Web and social media: You can share and promote our works on the internet, websites, and social media platforms.

Printing and publishing: You can include our works in printed materials and publications, such as books, magazines, manuals, etc.

Animation Film Industry: You can use our works for the creation and publication of movies, short films, animations, and comics.

Please note that when using our works, you must comply with our terms and regulations.

What rules do I need to follow?

As long as you adhere to some basic rules of common morality and legal purposes, PromeAI is pleased that you use the generated content. These rules include: not violating any applicable laws (global or local) when using images; not exploiting any minors; not sharing or creating verifiable false information; not sharing personal identity information; not defaming, disparaging, or harassing anyone; not discriminating against anyone on any legally protected basis; and not engaging in any other illegal activities.

Please ensure that you have the proper commercial rights and permissions to use the individual's face for more image generation.

Do I need to indicate the source of the image?

This is not mandatory. Of course, we would greatly appreciate it if you indicate that the image was generated through PromeAI.


Any use, including any commercial use, of images generated by PromeAI is at your own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, PromeAI makes no warranties, endorsements, guarantees, or representations regarding the generated images and disclaims all liability for their use. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold PromeAI harmless from any and all liability arising from your use of the generated images.

Please Note

Please be aware that the field of AI image-generation is still relatively new and rapidly evolving, including from a legal standpoint. As such, the terms and licenses we provide to you are subject to change and may not be definitive. These commercial terms are part of PromeAI's terms of service. We will update the terms of service and these commercial terms as needed, and you should review updates regularly.